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Did you know that kitchen fires account for more than half of accidental domestic fires in the UK, and around 70% of these are cooking related. The combination of high-temperature cooking and the potential for baked-on food that’s stuck to your oven’s interior is a dangerous fire hazard to your kitchen.

This build-up of food or grease can cling to hot plating, grills and metal trays. You may notice odd smells, or even an unpleasant plume of smoke, coming from your oven during cooking as a result. Left unchecked, this build up of grime and dirt can lead to a fire. As well as a fire risk, it makes to oven less efficient.

Though oven fires themselves can often be quite small, the smoke alone can easily cause thousands of pounds of damage. Should a fire spread, the average financial cost of house fires raises to £55,000 –includes everything from the cost of putting the fire out, cleaning up, and replacing lost or damaged belongings.